State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)

State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)

DIR Contract Number: DIR-SDD-2242

TrustComm Vendor ID: 17606228538

For more information on this contract, please see below:

TrustComm Managed Telecommunications DIR Contract

TrustComm has published this site for the use of DIR customers. Authorized Purchasing and Customer Eligibility may be found through the DIR Store:

Customer Eligibility

Product and Service Offerings

Examples of the managed telecommunications services TrustComm can provide to agencies under this DIR contract include:

  • Hosted services of customer-owned equipment
  • Back-up and monitoring services for continuity of operations
  • Cyber security
  • Network tracing and scanning
  • Staff augmentation
  • Call-center services
  • Network optimization
  • Phone system management
  • Management of voice/data networks


The contract also will enable TrustComm to provide:

  • Onsite and offsite support for customer-owned equipment
  • Maintenance support
  • Installation
  • Repair services
  • Warranty tracking
  • Record keeping
  • Training
  • Asset management
  • Stowage of spares


For product and pricing information, contact Ron Lockerby at (281) 272-7527.

  • When Customer is ready to place an order, Customer will generate a purchase order made payable to TrustComm, Inc.. You must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-SDD-2242 on your purchase order.
  • Email or Fax your Purchase Order and Statement of Work to your designated vendor sales representative.

All quoting and orders placed through TrustComm will include DIR Pricing.