Dedicated Network Solution for First Responders

TrustComm’s SEON, the Satellite Emergency Operations Network, provides first responders and organizations whose terrestrial infrastructure has been damaged, destroyed or overloaded a turn key solution to their communication needs.

SEON offers both fixed and mobile satellite services, delivering a comprehensive, private and dedicated network. It enables communications over very wide areas and allows for interconnection among widely distributed networks.



  • Flexible
    • No Long-Term Contracts
    • Leasing Options
  • Cost effective
  • Simple, easy, and reliable
    • On-site support as required
    • Redeploy when done
  • Fixed Satellite Services
    • Ku-Band Services
    • iDirect Platform
    • U.S. Coverage
    • Occasional Usage (OU)
    • On-Demands Services
    • Flexible Data & VoIP Plans
  • Mobile Satellite Services
    • Via Inmarsat’s satellite network
    • MPLS Services
    • COTM
    • Small-Portable Devices
    • Responder Airtime Plans
    • U.S. Dialing Numbers